ADAS Horticulture has an established place within the UK horticultural industry. Our independent research, development and advisory information is trusted across the sector. We pride ourselves on being aware of developing issues affecting the production of quality produce. For this, we work alongside growers, commercial companies and government bodies to produce a range of solutions.

We investigate and test new chemical and biological plant protection products, enabling them to come to market. Finding ways to utilise cultural control methods is also key to our research.

From propagation to shelf-life, we work across a broad range of edible and ornamental horticultural crops.

Our clients come from all across the UK, and increasingly overseas. We are able to work with growers on their commercial sites and/or utilise our own ADAS research facilities as needed.

About our team

Our team includes agronomists, entomologists, pathologists, physiologists and weed control experts.

We offer our expertise to help clients problem-solve, whether this is for a few hours or for longer contracts. If you would like to discuss your requirements, please send an enquiry to A member of our team will contact you to for further details.