ADAS provides economic analysis and research for government and its agencies and commercial businesses in response to policy change. Our focus is land, environment and the rural economy which encompasses agriculture, food, and the energy and water sectors.

Our dedicated team of economists provide expert policy analysis and evaluation as a core service working as part of interdisciplinary teams with other ADAS scientists including, ecologistsenvironmental impact experts and agri-food industry specialists. We also work with external experts when necessary to provide a comprehensive research team.

Public policy design and evaluation

Our main focus is public policy from its design to the evaluation of its impact, covering topics such as climate change, agri-environment schemes, animal health, sustainable intensification and the competitiveness of agriculture.

We work for Defra, the Devolved Administrations, public agencies and the European Commission. We also provide economic analysis, sustainability reviews and strategic planning for corporate sector clients.

Quantitative and qualitative analysis

A key element of our work is evidence gathering, using both published literature and datasets together with primary research, including stakeholder consultation, surveys (web-based, telephone and face-to-face), workshops and focus groups. For synthesis and evaluation, we use established methodologies and frameworks to provide objective, statistically robust and evidence-based analysis.

Key staff hold membership of professional bodies, including the UK Evaluation Society, the Agricultural Economics Society and the Market Research Society.

We work with clients on a partnership basis, sharing ideas on research design and ensuring that projects meet the clients’ needs

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Contact Liz Lewis-Reddy to enquire about:

  • Policy research
  • Policy appraisal, including scoping of options
  • Impact Assessment (to Green Book guidelines)
  • Social Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA)
  • Socio-economic impact of programmes,  sector investment and technologies
  • Policy and programme evaluation – ex ante, midterm and ex post (to Magenta Book guidelines or based on the CMEF)