The ADAS Horticulture Protected Edibles Team utilises their broad expertise to support the protected edibles sector; the diversity of our expertise reflects both the range of crops and production systems. Crops such as tomato, sweet pepper and aubergine grown under glass must be produced to a high customer specification to achieve maximum market price.  Crops such as strawberries, raspberries and leafy salads grown under plastic require precision application of nutrients and water to produce high quality, high yield outputs that can be grown sustainably.

Our services include:


  • Disease management; including Fusarium in peppers, tomato leaf mould and Botrytis control
  • Crop supplementary lighting
  • Optimisation of carbon dioxide enrichment
  • Substrate selection
  • Environment monitoring, automation and modification
  • Targeted supply chain ethylene removal
  • Botrytis control using integrated UV-B and UV-C

Advisory service

  • Pest and disease diagnostics and management
  • ICM planning and implementation
  • Biological pest and disease management
  • Crop production practices
  • Pesticide use, legislation and resistance management
  • Planting advice

Business development and novel growing systems

  • Urban production
  • Design and implementation of rooftop production units
  • Vertical farming
  • Innovative horticultural technologies

Supply chain management

  • Shortening existing supply chains
  • Pre and post-harvest technology
  • Product quality and shelf life

Our Horticulture Team is United Kingdom Chemical Regulations Directorate recognised which means:

✔ Competent to carry out efficacy testing
✔ Agriculture/horticulture, biologicals,
semiochemicals and stored crops
✔ ORETO Efficacy Testing Certificate No. 374
✔ BASIS and FACTS qualified consultants

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