Our planning team’s experience covers a wide range of residential projects from bespoke residential developments to major regeneration sites. We have first-hand experience in securing consents and ensuring that complex planning matters are dealt with professionally without any undue delay.  Our planning consultants can co-ordinate the submission of planning applications and specialists as well as prepare the relevant supporting materials.

From feasibility to application

We will carry out an initial feasibility study to ensure there are no fundamental barriers to residential development on your site and carry out any required pre-application enquiry work with the Local Planning Authority. For suitable sites, the expert ADAS planning team will then pursue a planning application for a development tailored to the site-specific context.

Working in your best interest

Developing strategies for residential development can be complex and challenging. Our consultants excel in overcoming such issues whilst retaining a very strong client focus.

Depending on local circumstances, we have recommended in some instances that the client’s interests are best served by progressing immediately to outline application whereas in other situations we have taken a longer-term view to successfully promote land through the site allocations and Local Plan process.

More information

Contact Kenny Dhillion if you would like more information.