The Climate and Sustainability team at ADAS provide a range of services to help businesses connect with their agricultural raw material supply chain to understand their risks for key commodities, both now and in the future.

We can help businesses develop and implement practical risk management strategies based on our specialist knowledge of agricultural supply chains. We believe that effectively managing risk doesn’t need to be costly. Our approach allows prioritisation of action, and increases the capacity of suppliers to manage risks.

Backed up by the breadth of expertise in ADAS, we bring expert knowledge of the drivers of risks such as:

  • Human rights,
  • Food fraud,
  • Environmental damage,
  • Farming practices,
  • Animal welfare and ethical considerations.

Our supply chain expertise

Understanding and minimising risks when sourcing key raw materials

We work with global businesses to help them understand the risks in their supply chain and take actions to minimise future risks.  This includes the sourcing of key raw materials such as palm oil, soya, timber, and beef, as well as both plant and animal-based raw materials used in textiles.

Understanding where to prioritise action

Supply chains are complex and it is impossible to tackle everything at once. Our approach engages with the supply chain to identify where the highest risks lie, so you can cost-effectively prioritise action.

Increasing credibility

Actively reviewing and tackling issues in raw material supply chains ensures you are one step in front of your competitors, and gain recognition for being a responsible business with clients and consumers.

Reducing risk of disruption

Threats to the supply chain such as resource scarcity, food fraud and extreme weather events can disrupt the supply of raw materials. Our approach allows you to effectively identify and manage the risks to your operations.

Identifying opportunities to build competitive advantage

We encourage all stakeholders to identify opportunities for cost-saving benefits.

Adding value

By working with producers and suppliers to tackle problems together, it inspires mutual trust and confidence.

Improving performance

Increased financial performance, cost savings, enhanced security of output and demonstrate sustainability.

Contact Managing Director Sarah Wynn to discuss your needs further.

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