Our programmers specialise in developing mapping and reporting tools, standalone desktop decision support systems, web-based mapping and data management applications, and survey software. We can offer solutions based on ESRI ArcGIS (Desktop and Server) or popular open source geospatial technologies to suit different operational scenarios and budgets.

Our team have development experience across a range of programming and database technologies (including Microsoft ASP.NET, Windows Forms and SQL Server) as well as the Open Source Postrges/PostGIS database management system.

We have a strong track record in delivering agricultural decision support tools for Defra such as PLANET and MANNER-NPK.

Bespoke Development

We have also developed bespoke applications to improve operational efficiency for a range of clients including Network Rail and several Distribution Network Operators (DNOs). We have recently developed a decision support system for UKWIR for drinking water quality management involving field level management interventions.

Our Software Solutions

Data processing scripts and algorithms

Tools and scripts in Python and .NET to improve the efficiency of repetitive data manipulation and extraction processes which can link with ESRI or Open Source geospatial technologies.  Bespoke generation of data outputs using algorithms delivered by web-services.

Field survey tools

Bespoke survey tools and interfaces for tablets and Toughbooks to ensure robust and efficient data collection.  Collected data is subsequently managed and disseminated through web-based tools and data portals, allowing live project reporting.

Decision Support Tools

Development of bespoke web-based or desktop software applications that enable data interrogation and the creation/observation of different scenarios using environmental models and user-driven analyses.

GIS Mapping Tools

Customisation of GIS and the development of bespoke stand alone or web-based GIS software systems for querying and analysis of mapped data.

Internet Solutions

Website design and hosting including the development of databases and 24 hour monitoring.  Web-based project management, data sharing tools, web portals and extranets to help distribute information.

For more information on how we can help you, contact Lucy Wilson