Benchmarking can give you an independent perspective about see how well you perform compared to other companies.

Benchmarking will also you to:

  • drill down into performance gaps to identify areas for improvement;
  • develop a standardized set of processes and metrics;
  • enable a mindset and culture of continuous improvement;
  • set performance expectations. 

Our independent third-party assessment uses a robust, repeatable and consistent approach, for scoring standards against each other. A comparative assessment can be undertaken between any two (or more) standards so you can understand any synergies, conflicts, and gaps. 

SAI Platform approved

ADAS is an established third party approved provider of benchmarking services for the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI Platform).  SAI Platform is one of the foremost industry organisations supporting food manufacturers with their sustainability challenges.

SAI Platform’s Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) 3.0 is a comprehensive approach to farm sustainability built around a set of simple questions to standardise farm assessment globally. Whether it is used by mango farmers in India or wheat farmers in Canada, SAI FSA is trusted to be consistent, transparent and fair. Benchmarking your sustainability standard against FSA 3.0 can help to raise the profile of your standard. 

Our expertise in benchmarking, and knowledge of a range of agricultural sustainability standards means we can also provide benchmarking between your standard and other industry standards such as Global G.A.P., Red Tractor, LEAF etc.

Our expertise

We can help you with all aspects of benchmarking for sustainable sourcing. By measuring performance across the supply chain, we can identify areas for improvement and establish a current baseline to measure future progress. We can help you communicate sustainability messages with suppliers and customers, and develop practical sustainability targets.

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