Trees are a major threat to electricity supplies as evidenced by the number of electricity disruptions caused whenever there is a major storm event. In order to minimise these disruptions, the government has produced strict regulations which place a responsibility on electricity Distribution Network Operators (DNO’s) to keep their overhead electricity lines clear of vegetation and make them as resilient as possible.

This is quite a challenge for electricity DNO’s due to their very large network of overhead lines (UK Power Networks, for instance, has over 45,000kms) and the fact that vegetation is dynamic and can grow well over a metre in one season.

Our expertise

Technical vegetation management advice

Our technical advice includes drafting specifications/Scope of Works for tree clearance and arboricultural and forestry consultancy.

Surveying and consenting

Our surveyors are qualified arboriculturists and they have all obtained the necessary utility arboriculture certificates (UA1, UA2.1, UA5.1 & UA5.2). They are also skilled negotiators and this along with their technical ability and ADAS’ independence, enables us to maximise permissions for compliant clearances.

Network resilience

ADAS has developed a unique survey system, based on combining an arboricultural tree risk assessment with the “line strike probability”.  This is for circuits that need additional clearance to make them storm resilient from tree-related problems. We do however adopt a more risk-averse approach where this is required by our clients and this has been very successful.


ADAS is in a unique position to carry out compliance auditing of tree work. Not only have we the technical ability, but we are also fully independent and our clients can therefore be assured that the audits will be totally impartial.

Forestry consultancy

We employ Chartered Foresters and where clearance of forestry plantations is necessary, they can assess the true standing value of the timber and the net present value of any future losses of timber production e.g. where cleared land is not replanted.  We can also obtain any felling licences necessary, market the timber and provide any other forestry advice required.

Aerial vegetation surveys

ADAS has a partnership with Bluesky International.

We have a proven track record of providing a complete LIDAR survey which eliminates the need for expensive ground surveys and captures the state of the vegetation throughout the network at any given time.  Combined with this, we produce three-dimensional images of the vegetation on a span by span basis and from the LIDAR data, we can produce risk-based tree cutting programmes.

Our clients

  • UK Power Networks
  • SSE
  • SP Energy Networks
  • Electricity North West
  • National Grid
  • Northern Powergrid

ADAS has been helping electricity DNO’s improve their vegetation management for over 15 years. We provide a full range of strategic and operational vegetation management consultancy.