Our Climate and Sustainability team provides best practice advice on irrigation water-use efficiency from farm to global-level.

Changing climate and increasing demand for water from agriculture, industry and urban areas means that 40% of the global population now live in water-scarce areas. This number is set to grow. Current estimates say that 70% of the world’s fresh water is used in agriculture. Given the competing demand for water and impacts from climate change, water scarcity is becoming one of the biggest risks to the food industry. Improving resilience in agri-food supply chains requires awareness of water-use efficiency.

Alongside managing future risks of lower water availability, efficient use of irrigation water for cropping is vital for maximising yield and minimising costs and environmental impacts. ADAS can support business at the farm-, region-, and global-level to maximise their water-use efficiency.

We can work with your business to develop a plan for improving your water footprint.

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Improving your water footprint

  • Focus strategy where it is needed most

We can identify areas of your supply chain under greatest water stress and prioritise action.

  • Model the impact of improvement programmes and help inform the business case

We can highlight interventions that will improve water-use efficiency without negatively impacting yields.

  • Support the implementation of improved practice

We develop plans for implementing appropriate changes to production and irrigation systems for each location and provide support to business to implement these.

  • Quantify improved efficiency over time

We measure the water use before and after intervention or change of practice to quantify the impact of these changes.

  • Report improvements against sustainability targets

We can enable you to see real change and measure your progress against targets for improved water efficiency in line with the Courtauld Commitment 2030 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Contact Senior Consultant Toby Townsend toby.townsend@adas.co.uk to discuss your water-use efficiency needs.