Weed management and control, with expertise combining research and advisory services across a broad spectrum of horticulture crops and cropping systems; protected and outdoor; field and container crops, using chemical and non-chemical approaches.


  • Herbicide safety and efficacy trials
  • Innovative weed management methods including electric weeders and precision mechanical weeding

Advisory service

  • Crop  walking
  • Non-chemical approaches including mulches, cover crops and bioherbicides
  • ICM planning and implementation
  • Herbicide use, legislation and resistance management
  • Bespoke spray programmes

ADAS Technical Notes

  • Bedding and Pot Plant Notes
  • Hardy Ornamentals Notes
  • Vegetable Notes
  • Fruit Notes
    • Monthly Fruit Notes

Our Horticulture Team is United Kingdom Chemical Regulations Directorate recognised which means:

✔ Competent to carry out efficacy testing
✔ Agriculture/horticulture, biologicals,
semiochemicals and stored crops
✔ ORETO Efficacy Testing Certificate No. 374
✔ BASIS and FACTS qualified consultants

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