The Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) is an independent, industry-wide effort to improve crop yields. It brings together agricultural organisations, farmers and researchers.

Yields across the UK have stabilised over the past 30 years.  With conditions taken into account, average yields remain below calculated potential yields.

In 2012, we began our first network to investigate ways to improve the yields of cereals. This has now expanded to include networks for oilseed, bean, pea, potato, and forage. Networks operate in multiple countries including UK, Canada, and Sweden.

The YEN aims to identify, encourage and support arable innovators, whether on farms or in labs.

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What does the YEN involve?

The YEN estimates yield potentials and yield gaps for any crop. At the annual YEN awards held after harvest, our crop physiologists identify the highest crop yields grown that year.

Through analysis, we can identify yield restrictions. By learning how to best address these restrictions, growers may be able to improve yields year on year. We encourage and support farmer led research to find innovative ideas that may enhance crop yields.

Benefits for members

The YEN now has hundreds of farming members and is open to new members every year. To learn more about joining a network, see the network webpages on the YEN website.

YEN membership includes:

  • Comprehensive personal report on your natural resources, crop growth and any yield constraints
  • Free soil health check and free grain analysis for cereal and oilseed members.
  • Technical sessions with leading crop experts along with newsletters, monthly actions and networking sessions

Contact YEN manager Dr Dhaval Patel to find out more about becoming a YEN member


Each network is funded by multiple corporate sponsors and they are vital in supporting core activities. There are a number of benefits to being a YEN sponsor and intelligence collected through YEN can help their own yield enhancement initiatives.

To see the full list of sponsors or learn more about sponsorship opportunities, visit the YEN website or email