Our ADAS weeds team provides expertise in weed control, management, biology, and biodiversity. We work on arable, horticultural, grassland, and amenity areas.

As experts in applied weed research, we are able to conduct a range of field, outside container, and glasshouse trials. We can also carry out desk-based research including literature reviews and economic assessments.

We understand the growing risk of weed resistance to herbicide treatments and the importance of an integrated pest management approach. As such, we can advise on management and prevention techniques using non-chemical and organic weed control. This includes innovative weed management methods including electric weeders and precision mechanical weeding.

Our scientists are members of the Weed Resistance Action Group, an independent panel of experts dedicated to knowledge exchange in herbicide resistance research.

Our team of experts work with clients from industry, funding bodies, and government organisations.

Trial work

We are able to carry out field, outdoor container, polytunnel or glasshouse contract trials. These include trials to test pesticide and biopesticide efficacy.

Our field trial services include:

  • Initial trial design and feasibility,
  • Data collection and collation,
  • Data interpretation,
  • Report writing,
  • Result presentation.

Each trial we design is considerate of research aims. Glasshouse trials allow for the collection of precise data in tightly controlled conditions. Container trials enable the collection of data under outdoor conditions whilst still allowing some control. Field trials enable the collection of data in a field setting to allow comparison between different treatments.

All our weed field trials are conducted to Official Recognition of Efficacy Testing Organisations (ORETO) standards.

Herbicide Resistance

We can offer growers herbicide resistance testing for:

  • Black-grass
  • Italian ryegrass
  • Wild oats
  • Brome
  • Common poppy
  • Chickweed
  • Mayweed.

Visit our Herbicide Resistance Testing service webpage to order.

Weed biology

With decades of experience in weed control in the arable and horticulture industry, we have a detailed understanding of weed identification, biology and ecology, including:

    • Seed dormancy
    • Weed germination and emergence patterns
    • Interactions with cultivation dates and timings
    • Weeds as a wildlife resource

Weed research

Contact Lynn Tatnell if you require more information on any of the above or require help with:

  • Desk studies including literature or economic reviews
  • Data interpretation and statistical analysis
  • Peer review editing

To see a range of our previous research and guidance, visit the WRAG webpage on the AHDB website.