The first harvest report of 2020, prepared by ADAS, has been launched by AHDB.

Harvest started in WE14 July with small areas of winter barley and winter oilseed rape (OSR) harvested in the South and East regions. Increasing areas were harvested throughout the month as harvest progressed in these regions and crops in the Midlands and Yorkshire ripened ready for harvest. An estimated 56% of the GB winter barley area and 49% of the GB winter oilseed rape areas were harvested by 28 July. Where farms had completed winter barley and oilseed rape harvest, there were occasional reports of wheat fields being harvested (<1% total area). Harvest progress in these early stages is ahead of most recent years. The exception to this was the early harvest of 2018, where 76% winter barley and 60% of winter oilseed rape was harvested by the end of July.

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To read the full report please visit the GB Harvest Progress website.

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