Project Background

As part of the development of HS2, and the proposed route, Western Power Distribution, were required to relocate and construct a new substation and divert and underground 33kV cables. In addition to this, the old substation and associated infrastructure needed to be decommissioned and demolished.

Due to the presence of a confirmed Great Crested Newt breeding pond adjacent to the old substation, the works needed to be carried out under a Protected Species Licence, with the area fenced and trapped out.

Due to the presence of Great Crested Newts (GCN) on site, all works needed to be undertaken using sensitive working methodologies.

Actions taken

RSK management undertook:

  • Clearance of 345m of dense scrub, ruderal vegetation and a large mature tree;
  • Installing 350m of semi-permanent fencing;
  • Installing 100m of temporary amphibian fencing;
  • Installing up to 110 pitfall traps;
  • Creating and installing a bespoke 8m wide newt grill, at the main site entrance;
  • Undertaking repair works to 300m of temporary newt fencing surrounding the new substation construction.


“The RSK project team have provided us with a great service. They have been diligent and pro-active, and have reacted to our requests effectively and promptly. We look forward to working with them on more projects in the future.” David O’Brien, Project Engineer/Manager, Western Power Distribution

Contact for more information

To learn more, contact Dan Thomas, Managing Director of RSK Habitat Management at or call 07467 482 394.